Adding in a new wedding tradition can be a lot of fun. It shouldn’t mean that you have to abandon the tradition that your parents and your grandparents used.

But you can always tweak it more to your liking. Today many couples are a melting pot of ethnicities, bringing together different cultural values and traditions; there’s no reason we shouldn’t celebrate that in our weddings!

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Start it out right! Do all your friends have nice things to say about the couple? Do they love and support you two? Take on the Quaker tradition where friends and family surround the newlyweds and say great things about them.

If you want to feel “so fresh and so clean” than have a slice of a traditional Hindu wedding. Before the wedding the newlyweds are covered in turmeric as a part of the Haldi Ceremony. It’s a process of purification that both the bride and groom participate in, usually separately. Not a bad way to soak up antioxidants and rejuvenate the skin before you kiss the bride.

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Are you both nature lovers? Why not plant a tree?

Always wanted a secret handshake? Now’s your chance to make one and show it off at the wedding.

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Try a little hand-fasting. Rooted in ancient Celtic traditions in Scotland and Ireland, even in some Indian traditions.

Want to be able to look back on your love? Make a memory box.

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