It’s been customary for hundreds of years for the bride to take the groom’s last name.

But what happens when there’s two grooms? Or two brides? Or what if she’s having second thoughts on taking his last name.

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Social norms can put pressure on us to think we should do this or that, but it all comes down to this is your wedding—so you should follow your heart and do what’s right for you two, like grabbing a Phoenix Arizona Limousine.

Reasons you should take their last name:

You didn’t like your last name very much anyways. Let’s face it, some of us grew up with the type of the last names that only fed the name-calling fire in childhood. So, if you want to ditch those memories, get rid of your last name.
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Instead of a good reputation like our Limo Rental Phoenix, AZ loves, does your last name come with an unpleasant one? Maybe a family business went bankrupt and you don’t want that to make any impression in your career path, it’s just another reason to happily take their last name.

Reasons you shouldn’t take their last name:

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Like our Phoenix Limousine Services, you’ve already established a professional image with your last name. People know you by your last name and trust it, it may be difficult to get people to switch over—at first anyway.

Your family name means a lot to you, or your last descendant of a line of proud family history.

Look for a Phoenix Limousine Near Me and take a ride as you ponder the possibilities of a new surname.

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