The traditional role of the flower girl is to walk down the aisle tossing rose petals just after the groomsmen and bridesmaids, but before the bride and groom themselves.

It’s argued that this custom started in Britain, but others claim it took place as early as ancient Rome. It’s said that the flower girl promotes prosperity, fertility, and love. However, if you are thinking about going with something more modern, like our Scottsdale Limousine Service, or if you just want an alternative that is unconventional, it may not be as uncommon as you think. More and more people are choosing alternatives to the tradition of a flower girl. So whether you are hailing a Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport limo, or sitting back to relax, tune in to these great ideas!

Is your pet a superb listener? While they can’t exactly throw rose petals down the center aisle. They can wear something of a lace cape dangling with roses. If you want your flower girl to be as sweet as our Limo Service Scottsdale, Arizona uses for anniversaries, then ask grandma to take on this fun role. This is becoming increasingly more popular, especially for weddings with fewer children.

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It’s also an option to opt out of having a flower girl altogether. Many couples find that their nieces are entering their pre-teens and decide just to skip it. If you have a young nephew in your family, why not consider a flower boy? You can skip the flower altogether and have him walk down the aisle with a candle instead.

What was your flower girl alternative?

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