Your wedding day can capture feelings so important and so strong it’s hard to put it into words like our Car Service Scottsdale loves.

Often things can be so beautiful, moments so precious that a photo just can’t do it justice. Of course nothing can ever truly replay ones amazing wedding day, but memories are the next best thing. How do you plan to freeze your wedding memories in time? We have some wonderful ideas!
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Be a packrat! But don’t go too crazy, we’re talking a flower from the bouquet, a picture of the bride and groom and a few of the guests. A picture of you two hopping out of Town Car Service Phoenix recommended.
Keep the paper the vows were written on, and a party favor. Anything small that reminds you of the fun and loving memory of your big day. Eventually you can take all these things and put them together to make a shadow box. Basically, it’s a deep frame where you can add pictures and items to make a collage. An alternative could be to keep it all in a small wooden box. However, if you make a collage out of it—you can hang it on your wall where you and other people can see it.
Town Car Service Phoenix

Do you think a picture is worth a thousand words? Then what is a painting worth?

Consider hiring an artist to paint your wedding. This may sound a little strange now, but it was customary at weddings prior the photo era. A rendition of a couple’s love was recorded by a painters brush. This one could even turn more into a keepsake! Imagine it’s legacy as it could be handed down from generation to generation.

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