It’s easy to customize your wedding reception, from transportation in a Limo Service Phoenix, AZ loves, to wedding décor; however customizing your ceremony is a little different.

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Many people follow in the footsteps of their religions tradition when it comes to marriage, but there is no reason that you as a couple can’t add in a few things to help make the ceremony feel more personal and intimate. Many soon to be newlyweds that want a touch of creativeness will add in a small symbol or ritual to resemble unity.

If that sounds like something you two would love—we have some ideas.

Light a unity candle. Often the symbolism here is that of bringing two families together as one. Traditionally the mothers of each family will each light a candle. Where the bride and groom will each take one to light an even larger candle. You can even find companies that will create customized unity candles with the names and date of the newlyweds.

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The bride and groom should start the fire together. You can build upon this as each of the newlyweds can add something to the fire to burn as to represent that they are letting go of the past and starting a new happy life together.

Get your feet hot and jump over coals. Couples have done this to embody free spirit and jumping over hand-in-hand represents being able to get over any hurdles that may come into your new life together. Call Now –  (602) 730-7122

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