Have you been to several weddings featuring and average DJ and the same dance songs?

Or perhaps you enjoying hearing a DJ, but also want something a little more unique?

The reality is that there is a whole world of music out there, almost as if you’ve looked up the search engine results on Airport Car Service Near Me. Bottom line is weddings should not be limited to the top greatest hits playlist. So if you and yours are looking for alternatives to the typical DJ—we have a fantastic list of them, read on!
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If you still want a DJ, don’t choose the first one you come by like when you google Corporate Car Service Near Me. Find a great one! This can give you the option to do something totally different like pegging a specific time period and playing songs that came out during that era. Are you a fan of the 50’s? You could go rockabilly, or swing. Dig further back into the past and tell guests to show up in ballgowns for a real wedding ball! If you go the latter route you could even set up a record player station.

A wonderful as a Phoenix Airport Car Service –If you do get your hands on a record player—you just opened a whole new door of options.

You can invite guests to bring their own records and become their own DJ’s at your wedding. Guest will love being involved in the playlist and hearing songs that give them a throwback feel.
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Consider hiring a live band. There is something very different from a live band and a DJ—the feeling. Live music promotes energy and stimulates movement!

Almost as fun as grabbing Phoenix Car Service, consider hiring just one guy. That’s right, they exist—a one man band! You can find some very interesting musical acts out there that will be surely provide entertainment for you and your guests. Call us today at  (602) 730.7122

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