So, you decided to host your best friend’s bridal shower. Way to go! Yet, maybe you have a few reservations?

Quick DIY Remodels to Get Your Home Ready for a Bridal Shower

Like, how are you supposed to get your home ready in time? Should I fix this or that, and what about décor? Worry not! You will have your home looking beautiful long before your friend flies in and grabs a Sky Harbor Airport limo.

Do you have outdated linoleum floors that you have been wanting to revamp for some time? If pulling up the old flooring and laying new floor is not your idea of a quick remodel, we have a better one. A new sensation has been growing on the internet to paint over linoleum floors.

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While it doesn’t sound great at first, the pictures are stunning! Painting enables you to make chic patterns, stripes, and other neat designs. Grab a Limo Rental Phoenix and go with a high-end paint like a deck a patio paint with a built-in primer.

Paint in general is a great way to give your whole house a new looks for little cost. Not only that, if you decide you don’t like it, it’s easy to change.

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Grab Phoenix Limousine Service and head to your nearest hardware store for some molding. While wood molding certainly looks authentic, faux PVC molding looks just as great when painted white.

Give your hardware an update! New drawer handles and knobs can be a perfect finishing touch when remodeling a room.

Other quick remodel ideas:

Make a DIY stair runner with woven fabric.

Refinish wood surfaces with polishing oil.

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